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Visitation Dream???

Of course, everything I write here is based on my own experiences, my studies,

and from doing hundreds of readings for people from all over the country. I do not do any scientific research because I don't need to. I'm a believer.

So.....if you have ever had a dream about a loved one and it seems VERY REAL, it was probably a visitation dream. In my definition - I like to say it isn't a dream at all - but your loved one coming to you during your dream state. And after hearing many, many stories about these instances, there are a few commonalities:

  1. They will seem VERY real.

  2. They are usually very short.

  3. The person may not say anything or it could be a short conversation

  4. They will look healthy and happy - and often younger

  5. You will feel very comforted and not scared.

So, if you have experienced one, cherish it. If not - keep asking. Remember, there is no time on the other side. So if you have waited a "year", they will not feel the same way.

If you have experienced one and want to share it - please send me a message. I'd love to hear about it.

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