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Spirits Love to be Specific

A few weeks ago I did a reading for "Maggie" - yes it's her real name - she said I could use it:). Her Dad passed a while ago and this was her second reading. This time he wanted me to let her know that he was going to leave her coins...but then he said that they are special coins. Not sure what he meant by that but I said "maybe something different like a Kennedy half dollar". Welllll.... I got a message from Maggie this week and this is what she said : "You told me my dad would send me a coin - maybe a Kennedy coin. Last week I was sorting coins with my husband and I thought "I wonder if this will be the moment Dad sends me a special coin" and I looked up and a Kennedy coin was standing straight up! I was just at my brother's house and he opened the safe my dad left him and there was a container FULL of Kennedy coins!" So sometimes - the spirit will tell you exactly what type of coin they want to send you:)). Always watch for the signs. Peace for Today

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