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Are YOU psychic? Or as my grandkids say... "a side kick".

Does everyone have a "Sixth Sense"? Of course....that's like saying can everyone smell (well unless you lost it during COVID)

But, seriously, everyone does. And if you feel you might be intuitive - you probably are.

Here are some common indicators:

  1. You sense energy in a room - having a "feeling" about things for no reason.

  2. Dreams: is one of the most prevalent signs of emerging psychic talents. Often, you can dream of events, people or messages that later come true.

  3. Experiencing frequent synchronicities ( an extreme coincidence) : is a sure sign that Spirit is working with you and guiding you on your life’s path. Remember...there are no coincidences:)

  4. A heightened interest in symbolism, tools of divination, and dream meaning: finding yourself being more drawn to areas of esoteric knowledge (anything metaphysical) could be your subconscious hinting that your psychic abilities need attention.

  5. You experience déjà vu, time and time again, feeling as though you have been somewhere before or know a stranger.

  6. Prophetic moments: predicting someone’s reaction – even what they’re about to say – before it happens. For example, picking up the phone when someone is about to call or intuiting something specific will happen before it does.

Many people mistake being psychic for predicting the future. Although looking at how events might unfold is part of the work, it is not the main focus. Instead, a psychic reader explores the opportunities surrounding a person and how they might best utilize them moving forward.

Now....what to do about this....if anything.....stay tuned. More on that topic coming up.

PEACE for today:)

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