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I welcome opportunities to create commissioned artwork for individuals, groups, or professional organizations. My goal in accepting commissions is for the process to be both gratifying for me as an artist and pleasurable for those who have chosen to integrate my art into their living or working environment.   I hope we can work together to create something beautiful for your home or office. 


How does the process begin? Everything begins with a friendly and open conversation. You are under no obligation to buy anything or sign anything during an initial conversation. The purpose is to discuss our expectations and hopefully agree to move forward with a commissioned work of art. Once we agree on a general size and theme, we can begin to outline the price and a timeframe for work to be completed.


The final price can be estimated by the finished size. As a general rule, I charge

Pets - Landscapes                       People          

8 x 10 -   $150                              $250        

11 x 14 - $250                              $350       For Pets and People Add $100 for

16 x 20 - $300                              $400        additional subjects

18 x 24 - $400                              $450

These prices are unframed.  You may choose to frame your own painting or the charge will depend on the frame.



How long does it take to finish? The time it takes to complete a composition varies depending on the size and complexity of the design and also the time of year. As a general rule, I estimate 3-6 weeks.

I work from photos - which should be very good photographs provided by the client. There is no need for endless 'sittings' to achieve the 'life' that I seek when painting. If the photo captures 'that essence' of a person's personality and expression . . . so can the painting I create for you.

Contact me by phone or email to start the process!  Thank you for your interest in my artwork.

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