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Sign, Sign, Everywhere a sign...

This topic could take up a whole book...and it has! I always recommend "Signs" by Laura Lynn Jackson if you're interested in learning more. The spirit world has the best creativity in how to bring signs to you. I feel like they LOVE it! It's a big game for them. They can be the proverbial cardinal - to a rainbow - to a coin - to repeating numbers (more on that another time). I did a reading this week where the spirit (Dad) was telling his daughter he was going to show her a big flock of birds (hundreds). So I said be on the lookout for that. It was actually a very small part of the reading - just an aside really. But two days later - she sent me this video that was taken from her office window. She said they flew past her window first - then she grabbed her phone to video them. Two factors in knowing it's a sign .....1. It's a little odd like the cardinal that sticks around and just looks into your window rather than just flying by...and 2. The feeling that you get when you see it!

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