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867-5309....What's in a Number????

It was in 2009 after my Mom died that I realized (after about a month) that I kept seeing 4's everywhere. (4:44 on the clock, on license plates - everywhere I looked) "How odd", I thought. Until I decided to Google it to see if that meant something and sure enough it did. I found a source that said 4's are the numbers of angels and means "You are surrounded by angels and everything is going to be all right." Very comforting, of course. This led me to look more into the meaning of numbers.

It is interesting that now I see 1's. ALL THE TIME! Many sources say that means new beginnings or you are on the right track. But my main message today about numbers is this: Numbers as signs from your loved one or angels mean different things to different people. It is up to you to figure out what they mean. Think about how you are feeling when you see the number. Look up various meanings and see what makes sense to you.

In my experience doing readings, I have found that some people see a sequence of numbers that is only meaningful to them (their loved one's birthday or other important numbers).

As always, just be aware, be open and....


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